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An Italian Story

What we are today is based on the beginnings, the difficulties, the journey, and the goals the Cervino Family achieved


Family and tradition

A three generations story…

Angelo Cervino, my grandfather, was the founder of our olive grove, he was a hardworking farmer from Palomonte, in province of Salerno, who transmitted to his son Felice Cervino his passion for the land.

In the 50’s, he bought 10 hectares to be used in different ways – from the seeding to the growing of the olive plants – creating the brand “Uliveto Felice”. These hectares are distributed between Sicignano degli Alburni and Palomonte, in the territory of Salerno.

Passion and devotion made this dream a reality, above all the knowledge of the raw material let us receive huge quantity of high-quality olive oil which made us think about exporting it to north of Italy, to Turin where friends and relatives lived.

The next step was in 1989 that led to the foundation of the Felice Agricultural Company by Felice Cervino, a man with strong and fixed values, able to share the love for his land and olive grove with the future generations.

A story of traditions...

Uliveto felice yesterday and today...

The beginning, the passion and our mantra “Nature in the soul”

Everything started thanks to the Cervino family who loved the land-with passion and devotion- picking up the first fruits of their sacrifices and studies, reaching the distribution in north of Italy.

After years of working and practice, today the production leaves from owned lands, in the  AngSalerno’s inland, till getting to the Apulian land (Andria and Brindisi) without losing its real essence.

Angelo Cervino dedicates this olive oil, full of values and passion to his father Felice, who taught him to always bring along “Nature in the Soul”. That’s why the company’s aim is that of showing the hard work and tradition that have been allowed the brand Uliveto Felice to be famous both in Europe and abroad since 90’s.

Uliveto felice ieri e oggi

L'inizio, la passione fino al mantra "La Natura nell'anima"

Tutto è iniziato dall’amore mostrata dalla famiglia CERVINO per la terra e dalla quale – con passione e dedizione – ha fatto nascere i primi frutti dei loro sacrifici e dei loro studi riuscendo ad arrivare alla distribuzione nel Nord Italia.

Dopo anni di lavoro e pratica oggi la produzione parte dai terreni di proprietà nell’entroterra salernitano,  con la filiera produttiva si è ampliata fino al territorio pugliese (Andria e Brindisi), senza perdere la sua vera natura. 

Questo olio, carico di valori e di passione è dedicato – dall’attuale GM Angelo – a suo Padre Felice, da quale ha appreso il mantra di  portare sempre “la Natura nell’anima”. Con questo insegnamento di vita che la mission aziendale è di far conoscere il loro duro lavoro e la tradizione che dagli anni 90 ha permesso al brand ULIVETO FELICE di essere conosciuto non solo in Europa ma anche ai paesi esteri.


Our company was born and raised thanks to two components. Nature represents the raw materials’ source we use to create our products

In the soul

The other component is the soul because we do everything with the heart, the commitment to the hard work able to provide an adequate pleasure and seasoning to the foods we enjoy every day.

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